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It is after-sales service personnel that is professional technicist in the company. When there is have something wrong with turnstile, we can solve it timely.

Provide two years complete after-sales service and also provide a complete spare parts.

Advance notification service

We have been working on improvements on products, once found the irrationality of the product in the products improvement, will be the first time tracking service for user. Notification service in advance can provide solutions and repair procedures before the customers encounter problems , to ensure clients' interests.

The intelligent turnstile carry a two-year warranty

If there is some quality problem when receive the turnstile within two years, we will be responsible for free replacement and maintenance, except for damage caused by wrong operation that you have not according to our company instruction guide.

telephony after-sales service

When we complete a project, there will have a professional technicist and telephone directly with dedicated after-sales, response time (telephone support) for half an hour after the user notice, if the phone can't solve the problem, party b promises to customers to establish a spare parts warehouse, to provide customers the necessary components used as replacement.

Change the spare parts service

Has established long-term strategic partnership with major parts supplier, ensure the equipment of spare parts supply. If the customer's fault equipment is beyond repair, we will match the corresponding accessories in the first time after we receive , and send corresponding spare parts to customers via express delivery. If the customer's fault equipment is repairable, we will repair with the fastest speed, and then express delivery to the customer. Within the warranty period, the cost of this service is free.

All kinds of professional services

In order to meet the different needs, we also provide all kinds of professional services, eg: subsequent supplementary services for hardware and software, version upgrades, network transformation, on-site training services.

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