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Control the core technology of the turnstile industry, leading the industry technical innovation.

We have core technology intelligent turnstile including  turnstile, swing gate , speed gate full height gate.

The core technology of Yantorle products

We have independent development unique core structure, durable , high efficiency.

Independent development control system, high efficiency , practical and stable

The turnstile master part made by core and control system:

1. Core--- All of turnstiles are made by Yantorle, and we have through many years of practical testing, We made the original belt transmission structure technology, it is different the traditional gear structure by through our innovation, and leading the speed gate industry now.

2. Control system --- Our products have anti trailing, cross dressing, anti pinch, anti-collision all of these were made by ourselves. We thought the uniuqe logical operation to control the motor, according to the body shape, motion feature and characteristics for logical judgment , and totally use physical mechanics, optics, make sure the system on the accuracy and stability, high efficiency.

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