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YanTorle Tech will show new products in Shenzhen Exhibition

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The 15th China international security expo in 2015, YanTorle Technology Co., Ltd. With the help of this security event to all security people to launch a new intelligent channel products - speed turnstile.

After company use years the time to investigate and compare of the performance of each turnstile brand on the market, it develop a new production - the speed turnstile, it is not only in appearance to surpass, more is mainly on the control system upgrade, equipped with servo motor control, which makes the product performance than the early products of brushless DC motor control has more advantages.It is not only improved in speed, but also in the control of stability, accuracy, and have made a big leap in safety performance.

Intelligent channel market competition is intense, there is no industry technical performance standards, which makes each manufacturer exaggerated propaganda on advertising. Industry is not standard, technical performance and function have no standard, that led to the masses of users and even many years of experience in security industry practitioners do not also have the way to identify if the product performance and quality are better in the short term. The real control by private servo motor manufacturer is not much, but you can heard that many salesman say that they possessed the speed of gate motor using servo control. Disorderly market is such, so we have the core technology manufacturers must challenge to the market, use our technology to defend our brand!