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YanTorle Technology Co., Ltd. use their efforts and blood to research its rapid growth from an unknown enterprise for Shenzhen and even the domestic channel gate industry a dark horse, what makes such a big change?

First, the company holds the core technology of industry, as a movement to channel gate research and development of enterprise, we always uphold the independent innovation, constantly develop new products, and relying on hard enough quality, quickly won the customer recognition and foothold in the fierce market.

Second, fast after-sales service are fundamental. The company has a set of complete quality control system, good guarantee the quality of products and at the same time, we also established a fast after-sales service tracking system, ensure in the shortest time for customers to provide quality after-sales service, so the quality and after-sales service has been our market advantageous safeguard!

Third, the concept of talent management is the guarantee of human nature, “the length of choose and employ persons, all of the available! Of choose and employ persons is short, the world of no use!" Talent as the most important factor of enterprise development, YanTorle Tech, since company set up, it pay more attention to the cultivation of the talent, with the humanized management. Warm, harmonious, mutual aid and unity is the largest wealth and it is also our cultural essence!

Security industry is at a low speed growth in 2013. As affected by the environment, the entire security industry reshuffle. All kinds of price wars in the industry is intensifying, many small businesses in the no-fire war slowly fall! Inevitably depends on the rest of the industry, company also suffered such a cold winter, but look to the future and with the changing of market environment, by living with our own advantages to grind, it will brace itself for the big development!