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YanTorle Tech, how to produce speed turnstile distinctly

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With the continuous development and innovation of intelligent channel gate industry, there are  various styles of intelligent channel gate, but for the channel gate itself is not the change of the breakthrough, even the price in lower quality performance declines. Under such a state of competition in the market, YanTorle Tech has believed the idea of the product quality to win the market not waver. Thought is changed, permanence follows! YanTorle Tech through the observation of the market, the survey found that the future channel gate industry development is necessarily contain a higher technological content of products, it has the market more persuasive, at the same time also will certainly is the high-end product market. At this time our strategy has changed: the new product. Because the average three roller gates, swing gates, wing brake has been lost market competitiveness.

YanTorle Tech, while maintaining the original variety of turnstile quality is the same case, put the eye on the high-end products of gate - speed turnstile. Speed turnstile is a more upscale swing gate products, from the appearance to the function are different from swing gate has a revolutionary. First, the speed turnstile market positioning, the exterior of speed turnstile is  more beautiful, it can be combined well with advanced place than traditional pendulum swing gate. So the speed turnstile is a high-end products, it is a higher value-added intelligent channel management equipment. Second, speed turnstile on the technical requirements with more features matching, stronger compatibility and openness.

But how to compete with other brands of speed turnstile products? Throughout the domestic and foreign more influential brands include KABA, CMOLO and so on. To stand out in so many influential brand, YanTorle Tech speed turnstile not only need a breakthrough in appearance, but must be on the product performance and quality have been beyond the. So for YanTorle Tech, how to do this? First of all, the research and development need to innovation, we spend a lot of time for control system has been developed by a powerful set of control system. Through more than two months of testing and improving, finally the speed turnstile launch to the market. Through continuous improvement, no matter anti-tailing function, or anti-clamping function are leading in the industry. Speed of YanTorle Tech speed turnstile can reach 0.2 seconds, and the attached specification of baffler is 350mmx1200mm thickness of 1.3 mm of acrylic board, so the heavy door control up is not easy, but we did it, and our gate door have nothing problem in operating, the good technical control advantage can completely with industry international brands- Kangbao.

YanTorle Tech speed gate  not only the speed performance is different, it is also different in its development.Speed turnstile as its application is more and more widely, perhaps, it brings differentt the future to YanTorle Tech and also to society.