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YanTorle Technology Co., Ltd. has strong research ability and development innovation ability, in  six years, YanTorle team, one small step for a progress every day, has now become a machine core crown nouns for manufacturers in the industry. YanTorle develop the intelligent turnstile- flap barrier core and swing gate core in 2010, it has now become the mainstream of channel gate industry, according to estimate, intelligent flap barrier core movement has share more than 50% of industry, intelligent swing gate movement at least more than 30% of the industry. But at the beginning of the launch of these products, the industry is not approval of these products. "Kunfu Fan" the founder of YanTorle Tech, he has been committed to the mechanical motion control, optical, infrared thermal imaging and the development and study of the two laser light, start today's intelligent turnstile industry rising star - YanTorle Technology Co., Ltd.

YanTorle Tech since 2013 to form a sales team and r&d team, launched the first product-marble flap barrier and subway flap barrier, the two products are very popular:

1. Industry is generally made from 3 pairs infrared judging, even if a few more infrared is 3pairs infrared function , they are in parallel. But For YanTorle Tech, the standard is 5-9 for infrared, and individual judgment, have independent IO input and output, the special place of YanTorle Tech is a set of logic algorithmin leading industry.

2. Intelligent flap barrier speed is faster then others, in the industry generally open speed is between 0.4-0.7 seconds, and YanTorle Tech open speed between 0.2-0.3 seconds. The most important thing is that the baffle is soft wings (middle of 5 mm steel plate, appearance package is a thick layer of PU materials), security and practicability are a level higher than using acrylic sheet. And many other factories use mostly USES is acrylic board or hard plastic door wings, so it is not safe to users, maintenance costs are relatively much higher.

3. The material of all is 304 stainless steel, other manufacturers said material thickness measured is only 1.5mm or 2.0mm, but in fact is only 1.2 - 1.3mm or 1.7-1.8mm. The flap barrier of  YanTorle Tech is different, the material must be a foot thick and has products pledge. If it does not meet standards, customers can return.

For the completely independent research and development products of YanTorle Tech, it is the industry powerful competitors, is also the trusted choice! YanTorle Tech is growing together with the engineering contractor, render contribute to security industry.